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5 Fun Things to Do in Estes Park with Kids this Summer

If you’re planning a family summer vacation in Colorado, you’ll want to know about all the fun things to do in Estes Park with kids! From exploring the wonders of nature to exciting recreational attractions, our beloved mountain town offers seemingly endless opportunities for family bonding and cherished memories. However, since there are so many options, the Fall River Village Resort concierge team narrowed the list to five activities to help you start your itinerary.

5 Ways to Enjoy Your Colorado Summer Vacation in Estes Park

Between the crisp alpine air and beautiful scenery, it’s no surprise that Estes Park is a premier destination for those hoping to soak up the sun amid the great outdoors. And when it comes to planning your getaway, it’s always best to look ahead. If you’re putting together an itinerary for your Colorado summer vacation, you may wonder what activities to prioritize.

Horseback Riding Estes Park: An Out West Experience

Many travelers consider Colorado the gateway to the “Old West.” While that may be debatable, there’s no denying that “The Centennial State” has excellent opportunities for horseback riding, and Estes Park is no exception. So, to help you out, we put together an easy list of the five best horseback riding guides and horse stables in the area and a quick summary of each.

Finding the Best Pizza in Estes Park

Enjoying local cuisine is a crucial aspect of the vacation experience. And no matter what corner of the United States you’re in, a pizza place is likely around the corner. Still, when it comes to finding the best pizza in Estes Park, there are a lot of considerations. The good news is that whether you like chewy New York-style, crispy thin crust, or a classic Roman, the best pizza in Estes Park isn’t too far away from Fall River Village Resort!

3 Tips for Planning a Romantic Getaway in Estes Park

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’ve been thinking a lot about those of you planning a romantic getaway in Estes Park. Just minutes from Rocky Mountain National Park, our iconic alpine town offers an idyllic setting combining adventure and charm.

The Best Colorado Cross-Country Skiing Spots near Estes Park

If you ask any winter sports enthusiast, there’s a good chance they’ll tell you cross-country skiing is among the most immersive things to do to enjoy the great outdoors. Although downhill skiing usually takes center stage in the Centennial State, Colorado offers excellent cross-country skiing opportunities, including around Estes Park. The best part is that most of our skiing areas are beginner to intermediate level, so you don’t have to worry about being an expert. To help you find the best spots, the Fall River Village Resort team put together a list of nearby places that won’t disappoint.

Winter Photography Tips from Fall River Village Resort

Winter can present a new set of challenges because of how snow, cold weather, and prominent cloud cover can affect lighting and the overall appearance of imagery. To help ensure your time isn’t wasted on blurry pictures or foggy lenses, we put together five tips for a better winter photography experience.

What to Expect: An Estes Park ATV Rental Guide

When it comes to outdoor adventure, fall is an excellent time to make memories. The crisp mountain air and fewer crowds make for a seamless recreational experience. One of the services we get many questions about at Fall River Village Resort is the nearby ATV rentals around Estes Park. Although there is only one primary […]

Novice Colorado Rock Climbing near Estes Park

With its breathtaking landscapes and diverse geologic formations, it’s no secret that Estes Park is a hotbed for Colorado rock climbing. From beginners to experienced climbers, the area boasts a wide assortment of climbing routes and experiences. Not to mention, many outfitters, guides, and rental services are available to help you get a leg up […]

Beautiful Colorado Fall Foliage near Estes Park

Although summer will soon bid us farewell in the Rocky Mountains, a magnificent transformation will begin—Colorado fall foliage season! The air becomes crisper, and nature’s paintbrush works its magic, drenching the landscape in a breathtaking red, orange, and gold tapestry. From late September to early October, the picturesque town of Estes Park comes alive with […]

Mountain Biking Colorado: Estes Park Edition

Welcome to Estes Park, Colorado, where adventure meets breathtaking natural beauty. Nestled amid the majestic Rocky Mountains, this charming town offers an array of exhilarating outdoor activities, and mountain biking is undoubtedly one of the highlights. With its diverse trail systems, stunning scenery, and trails suitable for all skill levels, Estes Park is a premier […]

Top Things To Do In Estes Park Colorado This Summer

Introduction:Welcome to Fall River Village Resort, your ultimate summer getaway in Estes Park! Located just a stone’s throw away from downtown Estes, our resort offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and urban convenience. As your hosts, we are delighted to share with you the top things to do in Estes Park this summer, all […]

Wet Your Whistle at These 4 Estes Park Breweries

By now, it’s no secret that Colorado has built a reputation among beer lovers in the last several years. Sometimes referred to as “The Napa Valley of Beer” by craft beer enthusiasts, only California has more breweries than Colorado. So for guests of Fall River Village Resort who happen to have an affinity for suds […]

Welcome to Fall River Village Resort

Welcome to Fall River Village Resort in Estes Park, Colorado! We are thrilled to have you as our guests and want to ensure you have an unforgettable stay. Below are some interesting details and exciting features to know during your time with us… First and foremost, we want you to take full advantage of the […]

5 Must-Visit Rocky Mountain National Park Waterfalls

With its scenic alpine surroundings and fantastic summer weather, it’s no surprise that Estes Park is among Colorado’s top places to visit—no small thanks to Rocky Mountain National Park. Undoubtedly, the dramatic valleys, navigable foothills, and iconic peaks at Rocky Mountain National Park lend themselves to exploration and wonder. Still, several beautiful waterfalls are also […]

Spending Time at Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park is an absolute treasure of the American West. With its towering peaks, cascading waterfalls, and diverse wildlife, the park offers visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of one of Colorado’s most precious assets. And what makes it even better is that Fall River Village Resort in Estes Park is less than five miles away!

RMNP Timed Entry

Between May 28th and October 11th, 2021, visitors to Rocky Mountain National Park are required to follow the guidelines of the Timed Entry Permit System.

Things to do in Estes Park in Spring 2022

Enjoy the roaring waters and quiet trails of Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park this spring. Offering plenty to do and fewer crowds, spring is a great time to visit Colorado.

5 Ways to spend a Summer Day in Estes Park, CO

Find out what makes Estes Park the perfect destination for summer fun. With outdoor adventures and plenty of local sites and attractions, there is no better place for summer fun in the Rockies!

Skiing Near Estes Park

Access downhill skiing and cross country skiing near Estes Park at Eldora Mountain. Backcountry skiing, snowshoeing, and sledding are available at Rocky Mountain National Park.

Summer 2020 in Estes Park

We’re excited to welcome all of our guests back to Fall River Village and look forward to a summer full of outdoor fun and relaxation!

Free Things to Do in Estes Park

These are some of our favorite free things to do in Estes Park, which make for great ways to spend time with family after a busy day.

Winter in Rocky Mountain National Park

Winter in Rocky Mountain National Park

Winter Things to Do in Estes Park

Estes Park is a spectacular destination to visit during the beautiful winter months!