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Winter in Rocky Mountain National Park

Winter in Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park is not only one of Colorado’s most popular destinations, but also one of the most visited National Parks in the United States. However, during the winter the crowds disappear and the park becomes more peaceful and serene.

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Take a Scenic Drive to Many Parks Curve

While spending time in Estes Park during the winter is a must, a drive through the beautiful mountains of Rocky Mountain National Park is a highlight of our guest’s time in the area. Trail Ridge Road, the park’s main thoroughfare, is closed from November through May. However, weather permitting you can drive up to 8 miles on this road to some of the park’s most scenic overlooks including Many Parks Curve. 

This popular overlook offers stunning views of glacial valleys and treeless alpine peaks towering above the landscape. Take your time while driving in the park and soak up the stunning views! Stop at the many overlooks during your drive and be on the lookout for the park’s plentiful wildlife.

Go Sledding at the Former Hidden Valley Ski Resort

Did you know there used to be a ski resort in Rocky Mountain National Park? The former Hidden Valley Resort closed in 1991 when the park decided to not allow expansion of the resort. You can still see where the ski trails once were located at the Hidden Valley picnic area. The beginner slopes that end at the picnic area are perfect for sledding, with a gentle slope that’s fun but not too steep!

This is the only area of the park where sledding is allowed and you will need to bring your own sled or rent one in Estes Park. Keep in mind that metal runners are not allowed and the hill is not supervised by the park staff. The sledding hill is open from 10am to 4pm every day, as long as the road conditions allow for safe travel.

Spend a Day Hiking or Snowshoeing

If you’re looking for scenic hiking, we recommend visiting the section of the park accessible via Bear Lake Road. This area has many opportunities for hiking including three alpine lakes: Sprague Lake, Bierstadt Lake, and Bear Lake.  Each of these lakes is a relatively easy hike from the road and are among the most stunning locations in the park!

Make sure to bring snowshoes and prepare for freezing temperatures! Because the park receives so much snow during the winter, the best hikes are typically at lakes or at lower elevations that are more accessible. Enter the park at the Beaver Meadows entrance and turn onto Bear Lake Road. There are many pull-outs and trailheads to explore along the way.

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