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Stay Cool With the 4 Best Ice Cream Places in Estes Park

Estes Park Ice Cream: A young woman wearing sunglasses and holding and ice cream cone smiles during summer in Estes Park.

Even if the summer weather in Estes Park doesn’t usually get too hot, finding a good place for ice cream still comes in handy when temperatures rise above the norm, especially after an exciting adventure at Rocky Mountain National Park. So, if you need to find a way to stay cool post-hike or just want a yummy sweet treat when you’re strolling through downtown or on your way to your next activity, Fall River Village Resort has you covered with a delicious list of the four top-rated ice cream spots in town.

Your Guide to the Best Estes Park Ice Cream Shops

The alpine summer air typically stays pretty comfortable, but ice cream is an excellent option when things heat up. Whether you like cones, shakes, or sundaes, there are several nearby parlors to choose from that will undoubtedly satisfy your sweet tooth. But be warned: You may want to grab something before uncovering Estes Park’s top shops because you could become hungry!

Hayley’s Ice Cream

Hayley’s Ice Cream, located right on the main street, is a must-visit for anyone craving homemade ice cream. With a friendly staff providing excellent customer service and a vast selection of fresh, delicious flavors, there’s something for everyone. Beyond the incredible ice cream, they offer a variety of other treats, including fudge and candies!

Estes Park Sugar Shack and Fudge

Estes Park Sugar Shack and Fudge is a great shop that adds a fun burst of color to your day with vibrant decorations. This friendly spot is known for its consistent ice cream and gelato flavors, crunchy fresh cones, and competitive prices. The shop’s diligent staff makes every visit enjoyable, and their wide variety of fudge ensures a sweet snack for those who don’t want cold treats.

Munchin’ House

Munchin’ House offers a nostalgic ice cream experience with a great location and a wide array of homemade flavors, including dairy-free options. With delicious sundaes, this charming parlor ensures a memorable treat. The friendly service and variety of choices make it a must-visit for ice cream lovers in Estes Park.

Shakes Alive

Shakes Alive is one of the few late-night spots in town known for its top-notch service and cleanliness. They offer creative shakes and delicious smoothies made with high-quality, authentic ingredients and no artificial additives. With decent prices and a charming selection of Colorado-themed products, this place is a perfect stop for a tasty treat and unique souvenirs.

Estes Park Lodging Near Rocky Mountain National Park

An exterior view of an rustic yet elegant vacation rental in Estes Park, CO.

Although all the ice cream shops in Estes Park offer something different, they have one thing in common: providing a satisfying snack whether you’re eating in or on the go. After all, there’s nothing like an iconic cone or sundae on a warm summer day in the Rockies. And the best part of all is they’re all easily accessible from Fall River Village Resort! Find out more about Estes Park by visiting us online and book your stay today!

Say Cheers to Colorado at This Estes Park Winery

Estes Park Winery: Three woman laugh while enjoying wine at Snowy Peaks Winery in Estes Park, CO.

Letting loose with local libations is nothing new for Estes Park vacationers. And although there are a few distilleries to go along with a handful of breweries, only one Estes Park winery is located downtown. Snowy Peaks Winery is a family-friendly establishment specializing in unique varietals from Colorado-grown grapes and gourmet artisan-crafted snacks. This award-winning operation has become a popular destination for Fall River Village Resort guests looking for sips of Centennial State Merlots, Rieslings, and Viogniers, so we prepared a rundown of what to expect at Snowy Peaks.

A Memorable Estes Park Winery Experience

Like many places in Estes Park, Snowy Peak Winery’s idyllic scenery is one of its most alluring aspects. The surrounding alpine landscapes graciously provide the perfect setting for conversation, laughs, and cherished memories. Relaxing with a glass of your favorite flavor amid the iconic Rocky Mountains is something every wine-lover should consider adding to their bucket list. What’s more, this Estes Park winery has a weekly live music series every Friday, where you may see Colorado’s next star in the making!

A Wide Assortment of Varietals

Snowy Peaks Winery offers an impressive collection of popular vinos, including Rosé, Cabernet, Riesling, and Malbec. The best part is that their affordable prices allow you to sample to your heart’s content, making it easier to decide which varietals you’d like to take home. Just ask for a flight and try them all!

Gourmet Culinary Creations

All wine enthusiasts should anticipate top-tier food pairings at the best establishments, and Snowy Peak Winery is no exception. Made with only the finest ingredients from highly reputable artisans, their gourmet snack selection is a testament to their dedication. Mouthwatering meats, handmade cheeses, and sweet treats are staples of their tasting room, but they also have seasonal offerings that may not show on the menu, so be sure to ask if they have any special items!

A Kid-Friendly Wine Destination

Understandably, many parents wouldn’t dream of bringing their kids to a winery, but at Snowy Peak, that isn’t a problem. Children are welcome at Snowy Peaks Winery, where they can explore the “No Wine-ing Zone,” a dedicated playroom to entertain them. This vibrant space offers things to do for children of all ages, ensuring they have a fun experience in a safe environment. Older kids will happily sample small-batch soda and refreshing fruit juices with the grown-ups.

Estes Park Resort Lodging near Downtown

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The nice thing about having just one winery in Estes Park is you don’t have to put much effort into finding the best place. So, if you’re looking for a place close to Fall River Village Resort to sample the best varietals with a dash of Colorado in every sip, we know the staff at Snowy Peak would love to have you! In the meantime, you can find your home base for discovering everything Estes Park has to offer by browsing our rental selection or reaching out to us online today!

Finding the Best Pizza in Estes Park

Best Pizza in Estes Park: A pizza-lover pulls a slice from a supreme pizza in Estes Park.

Enjoying local cuisine is a crucial aspect of the vacation experience. And no matter what corner of the United States you’re in, a pizza place is likely around the corner. Still, when it comes to finding the best pizza in Estes Park, there are a lot of considerations. The good news is that whether you like chewy New York-style, crispy thin crust, or a classic Roman, the best pizza in Estes Park isn’t too far away from Fall River Village Resort!

So Many Pizza Places in Estes Park

Finding pizza in Estes Park is a breeze thanks to our ideal location. Many pizza places are downtown, giving you several options. What’s more, you can also get delivery sent to your suite or condo for added convenience. No matter how you slice it, it is an excellent choice for friends and family. Here are our top Estes Park pizza places and some advice for determining your favorite.

  1. For a nearby place, Estes Park Distilling Company offers Bob and Tony’s Pizza, which is only a 10-minute walk or a three-minute drive away.
  2. If you’re looking for an authentic New York pizza place in Estes Park, Antonio’s Real New NY Pizza is the place to go. Not only is their pizza made by real New Yorkers, but the Washington Post recently named it the best New York-style pizza place in Colorado.
  3. Poppy’s Pizza and Grill is for anyone interested in creating a customized flavor with five distinct sauces, four sizes, two kinds of crust, and seemingly endless toppings.
  4. The Mangia Mangia Pizzeria offers classic Neapolitan wood-fired pizzas on the go from their truck, perfect for anyone moving from spot to spot.
  5. If you need to grab a bite while charging your Tesla, Sweet Basilico has three Tesla connectors along with delicious thick-crust Roma-style pizza pies.
  6. For you “pizzanistas” who desire a laid-back tavern-like atmosphere with live music, Cousin Pat’s Pub & Grill has you covered.
  7. If you want something sweet with your pizza, The Birds Nest Bakery offers scones, muffins, cinnamon rolls, and more alongside thick-crust Italian-style pizza.
  8. As their name suggests, The Sandwich Mafia specializes in sandwiches but has received rave reviews for their rising crust pizzas.
  9. Rock Inn Mountain Tavern is another place offering live music, but their 10-inch personal pizzas are an excellent way to ensure you don’t go hungry while you rock out.
  10. If you want to catch a game or play a few frames, The Bull Pin Bowling & Sports Bar will ensure you don’t go hungry while you root for your favorite team or knock down some pins.

Estes Park Vacation Rentals and Condos near Downtown

If you ask us about finding the best pizza in Estes Park, we believe in the old saying, “To each their own.” So, depending on what you crave, where you’re going, or who you’re with, you’ll always have an option for one of America’s favorite foods. And just like the many pizza places, Fall River Village Resort has an impressive selection

Visit us online to learn more!

Wet Your Whistle at These 4 Estes Park Breweries

A group of friends laugh over beer at one of the Estes Park breweries.

By now, it’s no secret that Colorado has built a reputation among beer lovers in the last several years. Sometimes referred to as “The Napa Valley of Beer” by craft beer enthusiasts, only California has more breweries than Colorado. So for guests of Fall River Village Resort who happen to have an affinity for suds on the mountain, we put together a quick and easy guide to the Estes Park breweries we think you’ll appreciate.

Lumpy Ridge Brewing Co.

Lumpy Ridge Brewing Co. is a family-owned brewery in Estes Park, offering a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. They feature a diverse lineup of beers, including traditional styles like Ranch Deluxe Western American Lager and experimental brews like the Cool Runnings Caribbean-style stout, all made with high-quality ingredients. They have a daily happy hour from 5 to 7 p.m., and they’re known to have a rotating assortment of food trucks nearby. We hear they have some incredible artwork inside too!

Rock Cut Brewing Company

A flight of craft beers.

Located in the heart of Estes Park and an easy walk from downtown, Rock Cut Brewing Company is known for its rotating selection of handcrafted libations. They focus on creating unique and innovative brews, like the Interference IPA and Endless Summer fruited Saison. Rock Cut Brewing also has an open policy on bringing in food so you can order takeout from your favorite restaurant, and they’ll supply the plates, napkins, and silverware! 

Avante Garde Aleworks

Specializing in European-style beers, Avant Garde Aleworks boasts a rotating assortment of saisons, strong ales, IPAs, and hard seltzers. Their on-tap selection changes with each season, but summer is the perfect time to relax on the patio after a day of hiking. They also have a modest appetizer selection for when the food trucks are gone and hunger strikes.

Estes Park Brewery

Estes Park Brewery is arguably the most popular of the Estes Park breweries, not just because of its name. This local staple has been in the game since 1994 and won’t slow down anytime soon. With over 12 handcrafted beers and a spacious beer garden, it’s no wonder why locals and visitors alike have come to favor this local favorite. In addition to their taproom, they also offer a bar and restaurant featuring pizzas, burgers, chili, and sandwiches.

Estes Park Condo Lodging Near Downtown

An exterior view of a condo at Fall River Village.

Now that you’re more familiar with the top Estes Park breweries, you’ll have no trouble finding your favorite. And with a convenient location close to downtown, staying at Fall River Village Resort will have you “living like a local” in no time! To learn more about our Estes Park lodging options and the type of vacation rentals we offer, please contact us online or call 970-325-6864 today!